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Leverhulme Estates are running a 'public consultation' on their plans to build on Green Belt. It is online only. 


Please make your views known. Leverhulme Estates need to know the strength of local feeling.


Gills Lane Central

Gills Lane East

Gills Lane West



Raby Mere West

Raby Mere East

Glenwood Drive, Irby

If you support Wirral Wildlife’s concerns about impacts on the climate and wildlife, please submit a comment on at least one of these proposals, to oppose damage to wildlife and loss of green field and Green Belt land.

1. Look up one of the consultation websites as above.

2. Read through - the first 5 boards are identical to each site, the rest are site specific.

3. The last board is a form. Fill in the essential boxes. Ignore questions 1-4 unless you have relevant expertise.

4. Put into the `comments’ box your comments. Suggested points if you support Wirral Wildlife’s concerns about wildlife are:

a) I/We object to release of Green Belt land because of impacts on wildlife.

b) The draft Wirral Local Plan has been published in time for the meeting of full Council on 21st March. This plan will be regeneration-led, with no release of Green Belt land. 

c) Climate change: Currently the fields fix some carbon; housing and associated transport will emit carbon. Housing in the existing urban areas will have lower climate impacts.

d) The consultation does not consider the separate or cumulative effects of these applications on wildlife, such as artificial light at night and wildlife corridors.

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